What is a Tax Deed?

When a homeowner or business falls behind on paying their property taxes, the taxes on the property are considered delinquent.   After the county government  has given notice to the property holder or  taken other legal requirements, the property is offered for sale at a public tax deed auction.  Approximately half the states in the United States, including Florida, are "deed states" where local county government sell the property for failure to pay property taxes.  

The BEST Tax Deed Trips in Florida!

Join Real Estate Investor, Peter Palmer, on his "BEST Tax Deed Trips throughout the state of Florida. Our Tax Deed Trips are the BEST and most informative, including our hands-on  Seminar and Home Study Course!  Attend our live training seminar and Research Days in a great Florida City such as:  Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Jacksonville, Orlando, Cape Canaveral, Naples or Tampa.  * Contact us for exact Dates and Cities:  888-609-1134  or email:  info@taxdeedtrips.com

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Join us "live"

Join us 'live' in one of the auction cities as we inspect and research the properties that we will bid on!

When applicable, join us and watch a live tax deed auction.

Learn ho to Buy Tax Liens and Tax Deed and discover the hidden gold that most people walk by every day!

(Profit is NOT Guaranteed, Nor can it be Guaranteed.)  And Learn! Learn! Learn!


"My daughters will not need to worry about financing their college education. At ages 7 and 4, they own a piece of property together , which was bought at a tax auction and placed in their Educational IRA.  TaxDeedTrips.com  helped me set this up. "    - P. Murray

Home Study System

Get your own 'Tax Lien and Tax Deed Investing' Book & CD pack for home study.  This rich manual and DVD / CD set on Tax Deed investing is packed full of useful information.

Classroom Learning

TaxDeedTrips.com live seminars are small, intimate trips, limited to 15 attendees or less.  Learn hands on how-to do great tax deed / lien research and smart bidding.

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