Note from Peter

PeterPalmer, Real estate investor

I have coached Thousands of people in real estate investing techniques, and they have achieved various levels of success. Some have achieved remarkable results. Some have not. The difference between them lies in their desire to succeed. Which group do you fall into?

Deals and testimonials on this site: The Deals and Testimonials on this site definitely do NOT represent the “average” person that buys this or ANY of my products. I am sad to say that VERY FEW people actually take action and do anything. The material is very good and those who DO take action generally achieve pretty good results, BUT, the vast majority, probably 98% of people do NOTHING. The Deals and Testimonials on this site represent those who HAVE done SOMETHING. I only hope that your are one of them; I make no promises about your results. That is up to you. The information is solid. The Deals and Testimonials represent a VERY SMALL portion of the people who buy this product much to my chagrin. I make no promises about your results. PROFIT IS NOT 

GUARANTEED NOR CAN IT BE GUARANTEED. I am very careful not to make exaggerated income claims. Some people make money using my products and materials but the vast majority do NOT. This saddens me, but it is the truth. I only hope that YOU will one of the few who makes money.


“YOU can have all the knowledge in the world; it is useless, unless YOU put it into action!” -Peter Palmer

“YOUR future is in YOUR hands; take responsibility, take action, and the results will follow!”  - Peter Palmer

(Disclaimer on the Registration Form)

Agreement by Registrant: Event dates, times, auction cities and venues, and locations are subject to change. Non-attendance at the event is not grounds for a refund, nor release from this agreement. All deposits, advance payments, finance forms and tickets are non-refundable and held as in-house credit toward future enrollment and/or purchase.

The prices above purchase a study course and/or seminar/event ticket only.  (No Properties are included.)   

 Irrevocable consent for Photography/Videography/Audio capture, storage, use and assignment is considered granted and further Releases will also be required from each attendee. We Record & Tape all Events & Seminars. EACH EVENT IS A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE,

You have three days from the date of this agreement to review and/or return the unopenned training materials (if applicable) with no penalties for cancellation. To cancel this agreement, mail or deliver a signed and dated notice that states that you, the buyer, are canceling the agreement, or words of similar effect. Notice to be sent to the address below for TAX DEED SEMINARS, LLC.

***** This does not constitute a full event agreement; a Full Event Agreement must be signed prior to attending the event.

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