Refund Policy

Stated Refund Policy that exists on most brochures:

“Event dates, times, speakers, cities, venues, and locations are subject to change. Non-attendance at the event is not grounds for a refund, nor release from this agreement. All deposits, advance payments, finance forms and tickets are non -refundable and held as in-house credit toward future enrollment and/or purchase. Your Registration is your consent for Photography / Videography / Audio Capture, storage, and use;  additional Releases will also be required from each attendee on-site. We Record & Tape all Events & Seminars. You have a three day “Cooling Off Period” from the date of this agreement to review and/or return the training materials (if applicable) with no penalties for cancellation. To cancel this agreement, mail or deliver a signed and dated notice that states that you, the buyer, are canceling the agreement, or words of similar effect. Notice to be sent to the address below for TAX DEED SEMINARS, LLC.“ 

  • We offer a “Three Day Cooling Off Period” in which you are entitled to a 100% Refund. We understand that people make decisions and that they sometimes wish to change their mind. We will not however, entertain refund requests that are after the Cooling Off Period. TAX DEED SEMINARS, LLC does not believe that it should pay the price for someone that decides that maybe this isn’t for them thirty or sixty days later, or for those that didn’t work the system 100%. The information that is taught works, and is evidenced by many other successful investors that have followed the prescribed system. REAL ESTATE
    INVESTING IS HARD WORK and has an inherent risk of loss.

  • Defective Products will be exchanged for an identical product after the return of the defective product.

  • Live Training Events: We offer a “Three Day Cooling Off Period” in which you are entitled to a 100% Refund on a live training event sign-up. However, due to their unique nature and high cost to produce, it is not conducive to allow refunds after the cooling-off period, this greatly shortens our time to have another attendee take the original spot.

  • Lateness/No-Shows: if you are late to an event, it is time for you to learn to arrive sooner. Our number one complaint is that we have facilitated and had to go backwards in the presentation because of the late-comer. We understand that life happens and Character Building Moments come up, but 95% of most lateness is preventable by the attendee, and many attendees are habitual late-comers. If you are not early, then you are late. No Refunds for Late-Comers, or No-Shows. (Transferability at the promoters discretion only).

  1. Your lateness is not fair to those that arrived early, or VERY early. Have some consideration.

  2.  Your lateness is not fair to the event; who have probably paid many thousands of dollars to put on The event. (Whether it is our event or another speakers event).

  3.  Your lateness is not fair to the speakers, and can be extremely disruptful.

  4.  If you are a doctor, emergency response person, or other “on-call” profession, as a courtesy please advise our offices ahead of time (We definitely understand: holding-over, callouts, etc.)

  •  Discount Pricing: From time to time, we have discounted some of our products and services for attendees, because for whatever reason, we decided that their financial situation was dire and that they could use a helping hand on a fee. However, this practice has turned around and bit us. Our biggest sector of problems or complaints seem to come from those that we have offered a helping hand to. This is sad, because now we have to stop our ability to attempt to help out, which will
    prevent some very good attendees, who truly have the heart, from getting involved. As the saying goes, “don’t bite the hand that feeds you!” This “HAND” has been bitten one too many times, and this practice is now terminated. We will continue to work with Charities and Foundations to provide a program “Scholarship” as long as the request comes from a non-profit agency and is adequately documented. Please forward those requests via USPS mail service to the address below.


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