Our Team

FOUNDER: Peter Palmer is an active real estate investor who buys properties all over the country, and a professional speaker on real estate and various business topics as well. Peter has owned properties ranging from $1,000 junkers to multi-million dollar properties and has purchased: foreclosed properties, tax certificates, tax deed properties, lease options,
and many other types of real estate. Peter is experienced in renovating “junker” houses and high-end luxury properties.

Peter is an active member with many real estate investment clubs, and associations throughout Florida and several other states. As an investor for over thirteen years, he brings his first-hand knowledge of real estate deals to others through his Tax Deed Trips, a one-of-a-kind program that allows you to participate in the seminar and research functions. Join us on our trips, you’ll be glad that you did!


RESEARCHER-DATA: Deborah is our behind the scenes researcher on the computer side. Gathering as much available property information and data available before our trips ever leave our South Florida offices. Deborah pulls all our property information and sorts through all the initial Tax Deed auction lists to determine what properties we will have any interest in bidding on. A formidable process that starts months before any seminar or auction begins.


RESEARCHER-FIELD: Pablo is an experienced real estate investor that brings his first-hand knowledge of creative real estate deals to www.taxdeedtrips.com. On many of these trips, Pablo has gone to the auction counties way ahead of our Trip dates to review the Tax Deed files at the county records offices. Pablo also joins us in the field for property inspections and research days on the properties that we are going to bid on.

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